Fashion Radio Documentaries

Here are 2 radio documentaries I made for my student projects. I partnered with another student for Being A Beauty Vlogger, and made Cosmetic Surgery – The Risky Perfection independently. My job included pitching topic, contacting interviewees, making interviews, writing scripts, audio making and voice-over.

Being A Beauty Vlogger

The 7 mins’ radio documentary reveals a typical day of a beauty vlogger on Youtube, explores how viewers (or fans) are influenced by them, the ethic dilemma and the business chain behind this career. Moreover, it broadens the topic and talks about how traditional media, like fashion magazines, are affected by this new dynamic platform, and the changes that can be made to help older platforms survive.

Click to listen:

Cosmetic Surgery – The Risky Perfection

The 12 mins’ radio documentary explores the reason for the increase and the potential risks of cosmetic surgery. It pitched to Radio 4 10a.m. show.

In this documentary, I met different consumers who had operations, to uncover what went wrong with their surgery; I talked with psychotherapist about the extreme addiction to cosmetic surgery, which leads to deep depression and anxiety; I investigated whether the industry regulator acted in the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal that affected women worldwide 5 year ago; cosmetic surgeon Barry Jones suggests the internet is not the right platform to seek medical information, and we can also hear from member of the British Association of Anesthetic Surgeons Nilesh Sojitra about how to choose the right surgeon.

Click to listen:

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