Journalistic Works


A Second Kid in China

At the beginning of 2016, China abandoned the controversial One-Child Policy which has been continuously criticized by many countries for 30 years since it was carried out. The new Two-Child Policy, as a replacement, is seen as a strategy to boost the declining population. The documentary explores how this policy has influenced Chinese families, people’s different attitudes to it, and reveal the real struggles behind each door by following Chinese families that just had their second child.

My role in this work: it’s a documentary done individually by myself.

A Change of Pace

Brain tumor is the biggest young people killer in the UK, but only 1% of the medical budget is allocated to the research of curing brain cancer. This documentary revealed the different story of 2 patients, one is a young male student having his master degree, the other is a 5-year-old boy, and explored what could be done with the institude Brain Tumor Research.

My role in this work: script writing, interviewing, filming, editing

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